Stainless Steel Custom Lug Nut Covers

Wheel Masters lug nut covers snap over your existing lug nuts. Made of 304L stainless steel that stays rust and corrosion free. Easily removed for wheel servicing. Stays on even under the toughest conditions.

Part No. Description
8010 Lug Nut Covers Stainless Steel GM/Chevy 1", 8 pk
8011 Lug Nut Covers Stainless Steel Ford 1 1/16" 8 pk
8019 Lug Nut Covers Stainless Steel Ford 7/8", 8 pk
8012 Lug Nut Covers Stainless Steel 1 1/2" Truck, 6 pk
9005-6 Lug Nut Covers Stainless Steel 33 mm for 22.5" Hub Piloted Wheels, 6 pk
ABS Lug Nut Covers
Quality chrome-plated ABS Plastic lug nut covers from Wheel Masters. Made to last!
Part No. Description
9003-4 Lug Nut Covers Snap In for Wheel Covers, 4 pk
Valve Stem End Caps
Keep dirt and mud off your valve stems!
These sturdy valve stem caps from Wheel Masters look great, plus they don't rust, providing you with years of detailed beauty. They also assist with maintaining proper tire air pressure.
Part No. Description
8030 Valve Stem End Caps, 6 pk
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