Spare Air Tire Inflation System
Wheel Masters, Inc., Vancouver, Wa., presents the trunk and under-chassis spare tire inflation system. In the event you need your spare tire wouldn't it be nice if it was fully inflated and ready to get you on the road? With the Spare Tire Inflation system you can easily check your pressure and inflate the air in your spare tire.

Our under chassis system includes a 36-inch stainless steel hose that attaches to under-chassis spare tires found in trucks, vans or SUVs. An easy to install bracket attaches your hose to the bumper, providing easy access. In our trunk mounted system, a 36 inch rubber hose attaches to your tire and can be fed under your trunk lining to a position that is easy and quick to check. Included is a bracket to attach your hose end to your trunk wall if you so choose. All mounting hardware is included in addition to a 90 degree valve extension to get into tough to reach spots.

Part No. 82286-R 36" rubber hose for trunk mounted system.

Part No. 82286-S 36" stainless steel hose for under-chassis system.

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